Understanding How Insurance Works

There is a strong misconception of what insurance means in regards to moving and what the process is when items are damaged. Moving Made Awesome, LLC has added this page to help our clients gain a better understanding of their options.

There are 3 different options for liability coverage. Released Value Protection, Full Value Replacement Protection, and Third Party Insurance.

Released Value Protection: This is a coverage that is offered to all clients free of charge for every move. The rate is .60 cents per 1 pound of weight. For example, a 10lb stereo speaker valued at $100 is damaged, 0.60 times 10 equals $6.00 in compensation.

Full Replacement Value Protection: This is a coverage that is offered for an applicable charge in addition to the cost of your move. The current charge is .75 cents per $100 dollars of declared value. Declared value is provided by the client. (Example: A client declares their move to be worth $42,000 the additional charge would be $315.00).

Third Party Insurance: Clients are welcome to purchase third party moving insurance. They will then be covered under Released Value Protection and any remaining costs of damages will be submitted to that insurance company and addressed. Moving Made Awesome, LLC does not sell third party insurance to our clients. We do recommend that you research the cost to see if it is appropriate for you. 

High Value Inventory: Items of High Value meaning more than $100 dollars per pound, i.e. jewelry, antiques, china, silverware, furs, etc. must be noted by the client on the contract at the time of the move. If these items are included in the move without our knowledge we reserve the right to limit our liability. 

We hope that this helps our client base to have a better understanding of how insurance works in the Moving Industry and that it arms you with the knowledge to make the best decisions for your move!


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