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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:  What if I want to do some of the loading/unloading myself?

A: If you've rented your own truck for moving day, this will definitely save you money. We can move as much, or as little as needed to fit any budget!

Q: How much should I tip the movers?

A: This varies depending on the job. Below are a few good links with details on how to tip your movers.

Q: Do your services provide packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, positioning and driving services?

A: Yes, we can handle every aspect of your move, to even appliance installation and furniture assembly so you can kick back and relax!

Q: Do you suggest any particular truck rental company?

A: We currently don't have a single endorsement for any particular truck rental company, so the choice is yours when it comes to supplying the truck. Each company may provide a special service you may favor over another company, so feel free to research the following truck rentals: 

Penske Truck Rental:

Ryder Truck Rental:


Budget Truck Rental:

Be sure to check your local moving guides and also each rental site for rental truck discounts. Also make sure to do a search on google (or any search engine) for the rental company and any discounts. If you are an employee relocating for a job, you could be able to get a corporate discount through your new employer.